Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Boys and their Girl

She smells like strawberries - Jeremy on Olivia
But I love her! - Elijah every time we try to get him to love her a little less in your face
The boys are enamoured with their little sis. They want to hold her and pet her ("I gentle mama", says Jeremy). Elijah in particular takes pride in her-he's been praying for a sister his whole life (who's to argue with that?). He now says he wants to marry her (to which I'm sure I broke his heart by telling him people can't marry their sisters).
Jeremy gets quite concerned that we are going to forget her when we go out - I haven't forgotten her yet. The back of the car is a little snugger now with 2 car seats and one booster, but they are so far very good about having her back there in the middle (okay, I have had to tell Jeremy not to poke her on occassion).
Elijah has taken it upon himself to 'take care of her' when she makes the slightest squawk and I don't immediately jump up. All in all I'd say she's a very loved little girl.

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