Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sometimes they are just sweet

My Elijah boy gave me hope that we are doing something right with these kids this week.
1. He started bringing extra gloves to school to loan to his friends who don't have any.
2. Our doctor had to leave for an emergency C-section just as our appointment was about to begin, later on he told me he prayed for that new baby.
3. He decided to make friends with the boy at school who was telling scary stories, after telling him to not say those stories anymore. He was so mature about it, telling him that his stories were just scary movies and the characters were just actors in makeup, nothing real.
4. He stepped up to fill in for goalie at hockey this week. He may not be the best, but he's determined to try his best for the team.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh Jeremy

Today he called me the best Mommy in the whole wide world! A heck of a lot better than the Mommy of Doom that he called me yesterday. I guess a breakfast of biscuits with cream cheese and jam and a mug of hot chocolate put me in the good books!

Simple Pleasure #1

A friend of mine started posting her simple pleasures on her Facebook status. Here's mine for today:
New Hair Elastics

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Tenderheart

As tough as he is on the outside, Elijah is really my tenderheart. I was reminded of this this week as he sat up crying in his bed at bedtime. I brought him downstairs as to not wake up his siblings and we cuddled and talked. He told me all his worries, a boy at school who had been telling him scary stories, the girls who didn't go outside during a firedrill, a friend of his who had tried running away from school. He was worried that the boy telling scary stories would scare others with them. That the girls would be hurt in a fire and that his friend would be taken by a stranger. He really is a loving, caring little guy. He is so determined to do what is right and that others follow suit.
He's also quite a tenderheart for his sister. He adores her. All I have to say is boys look out when you come calling on Olivia, you'll have Elijah to deal with, making sure you are good enough for his little sis.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Olivia's Birthday!

Miss Olivia turned one yesterday! Wow! That was fast. She's yearning to walk, but as much as she tries, can't stand on her own yet. She pulls up on furniture for sure and scoots around crawling faster than anything. She's a charmer and a flirt. Loves to cuddle with her mama and already has Daddy wrapped around her little finger. She has a great laugh, loves to wave and be the center of attention (when she initiates it, she'll hide in my shoulder otherwise). She's a little chatterbox, full of Mama's and Dada's - and all sorts of other words in between. Her birthday was a small family time, the stormy weather canceling our guests the day before. Here's a few pictures from her birthday.

History Repeating Itself and not in a good way

Last Wednesday, I accidentally caught one of Jeremy's fingers in the car door. Yes, I felt terrible. Yes, I stayed calm and got him fixed up with a first aid kit and a bit of chocolate. Yes, I felt his pain. I remember vividly having the same thing happen to me when I was a kid as I reached into the car just as my dad was shutting the door. Ouch! So Dad, if you didn't know already, I forgive you for that.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh Jeremy

I think I love writing about Jeremy so much because he's just at such an amusing age. Here are some Jeremy-isms

He loves Bon Jovi right now - you can hear him rocking out singing: "Shock-a the heart and you're too late, you give love a bad name!" Don't try to tell him he has the words wrong though. That's how he hears it, so that's how he sings it.

The other morning he asked me where my pee-pee was. I explained that I didn't have one because girls don't have them, just boys. He then cheered out, "Yeah! Boys are awesome!"

Last week at a restaurant, Jonathan took the boys to the washroom. Jeremy called out from his stall, "Daddy, I have to poo" "Okay" says Jonathan. "It's the square kind!" shouts back Jeremy

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Jeremy's new big dinosaur is currently hanging out up on the top of the fridge. He's been taken away as a consequence for Jeremy not listening to me. Jeremy was very sad about this. As he told me through tears last night, his dinosaur doesn't want to be up there. How will he eat? He will be too lonely. He will be too scared. Jeremy talked to his dinosaur in a broken little voice in between sobs.
I think I've finally found a relevant consequence for Jeremy.

It's Over

Jeremy was so sad yesterday: I took down the Christmas decorations. He couldn't believe it. He said goodbye to the Christmas tree in his most pathetic 3 year old voice. He asked why everything had to go away, why couldn't Christmas be all the time, didn't I know it was his very favorite thing? As I continued to box things up for next year he just couldn't believe that even his Santa hat and his musical Christmas cat had to go away too. He cried at those. And just as he seemed to start to get over it, this morning he discovered that there would be no eggnog until next Christmas as well. Life will perk up. His birthday is 2 months away.

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