Sunday, March 27, 2011

Of Ponytails and Barrettes

I fully admit it, after 2 boys I love having a little girl and couldn't wait to start doing her hair. She got her first barrettes in her stocking this Christmas and a couple of weeks ago I bought her her first ponytail elastics and mini-butterfly clips. I just think it's so cute on her! Look at her:

I also fully admit to dressing her up for church knowing the ladies there look forward to seeing her every week.

What they don't tell you is that little girls also like to pull out their ponytails and barrettes so you are left with a couple of moments. One: making sure you grab the barrette so she doesn't pop it in her mouth and choke on it. Two: dealing with the sticky up hair when she pulls out the ponytail and just won't stand for it being put back in again. The funny thing with Olivia is that she only pulls out the right side one. The left doesn't bother her at all.


The other night I at bedtime I was taking turns having a cuddle with each of the boys. As I snuggled with Elijah under his quilt, I said, "So cozy" in reference to a little tradition we have in the summertime of staying up late one night and snuggling under a blanket to look at the stars.
When it was Jeremy's turn, he asked if I could do "so cozy" with him. Well, that's Elijah and my thing so I reminded him that we have our own thing too. Out thing is to rub noses and I either say no-o-o-o and he says ye-e-e-s or vice versa. It's very cute.
I wonder what Olivia and I will have as our 'thing'?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

About Bon Jovi and Queen

Who knew? Who knew that my boys would love these bands? Who knew that they would sing We Will Rock You ad nauseum? And don't get me started on You Give Love a Bad Name! I used to like my Bon Jovi's greatest hits CD - now I'd like to lose it for a while. It's time for a new band. At least Queen is still Queen. Queen's fantastic. Just not at 7:30 in the morning when sung by a 4 and 6 year old pair of brothers.

Olivia right now

Where is my baby? This is a little girl. She's a ham, a charmer and princess in our house. She's not quite walking, but why walk when you can crawl as fast as she does. She has no problem staking her claim on her people (that's us). I'm happy to say that yes the third child is a cuddler too. She's in love with her daddy and has him wrapped around her little finger. He can't walk into the room without her trailing after him (very insistent that he pick her up too). She's monkey who is into everything and knows when all eyes are on her (they usually are). My sweet pea girl.

Jeremy right now

My sweet Jeremy is my little charmer. He's cute and he knows it - a dangerous combination. He's as stubborn as anything, but a snuggle puppy too. He's extremely funny and loves to mimic. He's so expressive, loves to dance and sing. He thinks his dad is king of the world, and his big brother a close second. He is my Jeremy Bear, my sweetheart.

Elijah right now

My Elijah boy so tall that I have remind myself that he is still just 6 and not 7. He can read anything but hates to write. He's as smart as a whip, nothing gets by him. He is as sweet as pie to his baby sister, loving just getting her to laugh. He's his little brother's best friend. He's tempermental there's no doubt, but so tenderhearted underneath. He worries about others and wants to make sure everyone is okay. He loves Hockey, Star Wars and Super Heroes. I love that he's so cuddly and hate knowing that he may not always be that way. My sweetie boy.

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