Tuesday, December 4, 2007

just when you have had enough...

...they go and do something really sweet (3 year olds that is). It was just one of those days with Elijah...I don't know if it was the houseboundness of a snowday or what but bedtime couldn't come fast enough tonight. So of course he's up again an hour past when he was originally put to bed (as I said, just one of those days) and I tuck him in again and prepare to leave, he asks if he can pray for me. So he prays his usual prayer, "Dear Jesus, thank you for blessing my mommy, Amen, Bye-bye" he looks at me and asks, "Mommy, are you still sick?" (I've been battling off ear/throat infections for a month now)...so I told him I was mostly better, but still had a sore throat (2 rounds of anti-biotics and I'm heading back to the doctor), so Elijah puts his hands on my head and starts to pray again this time: "Dear Lord Jesus, please make my mommy all better so she's not sick any more, Amen, Bye-bye"...then he gives me a kiss and rolls over to go to sleep.

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