Friday, February 29, 2008

The Good Old Hockey Game

Elijah loves hockey. And I mean really and truly loves it. We have no idea where this love of hockey came from. We (Jonathan and I) both like sports. But most of you know that I'm a baseball fan...and Jonathan is a general sports fan. Well, we've certainly picked up on our hockey knowledge this past while. `Here's a sampling of how much hockey is now in our lives:
-we play hockey in the hallway & in the basement...Elijah's Christmas present this year was a road hockey set that we've set up downstairs.
-we watch hockey every Saturday night...yes it's Hockey Night in Canada folks...mostly we see the Senator's play...btw, great OT win last weekend
-we also watch hockey on You Tube...what did we do before You Tube really?
-we read hockey books...and yes, the Children's librarian knows us well and is always searching out for more hockey books. The great thing with Elijah is that he likes both the fiction and expository hockey books, so I can always find something.
-we make up hockey stories at bedtime...Jonathan is better at this, he has a recurring story that gets told every few nights in detail
-we have hockey themed everything around here...Elijah has 3 hockey shirts (goodness help me when they are all in the laundry!) I've tried to convince him to spread them out, but he likes to wear them all at once. If he sees me folding laundry and catches a hockey shirt in a pile, he will suddenly decide that the shirt he's wearing is dirty and surprise, needs a clean one..."hey, how about my hockey shirt mom?" (I admit to trying to hide his hockey shirts, so they at least have the chance to get into his dresser drawers) He also has a pair of hockey pyjamas.
-His extra booster seat that we keep in the blue car is hockey of course (all the Canadian teams on it
-We even have hockey food...rediculous I know! Chef Boyardee makes hockey shaped pasta...(like alphagetti, only team symbols). He eats it picking out the teams as he goes...I see the Calgary Flames! Hey look, the Canucks!
Needless to say, we're learning a lot. Elijah has this great memory and imagination so it's cute to watch him put on a goalie mask and announce..."Hi, I'm Jaques Plante!" That's his favorite kind of player btw...goalies. He wants to be a goalie, or a referee. We practice making the calls just like the refs do in a game. When he's playing in the hallway, he'll sometimes deliberately hold up his stick and smile at me, waiting for me to call "high sticking" and send him to the penalty box for 2 minutes.
We were able to take him to 2 Saint John SeaDogs games this season (it's the playoffs now) and he loved it. Jonathan said that at his first game, he just sat there mezmerised, taking it all in. I went with them to this last one and really enjoyed myself. I forgot how much I love live sports. So much fun!

Elijah looks on at the SeaDog's Game

Hallway Hockey

At Elijah's first SeaDog's game

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