Saturday, March 8, 2008

Let's brush up on our history a little, shall we?

*Warning, the following post conains spoilers of events that happened over 400 years ago*
Last night I went to see 'The Other Boleyn Girl' with a few of my girlfriends. (read the book if you have to choose between the two of them). As we were exiting the theatre, I overheard one girl exclaim...I knew she was going to get it in the end. She was of course referring to Anne Boleyn. This made me stop in my tracks, of course she was going to get it...we all knew that going into the movie, didn't we? I mean, it was one of the most famous beheadings of all time, right up there with Marie Antoinette and Mary, Queen of Scots.
That's not all, a friend who was with me overheard someone else in the theatre exclaim, I thought she would have a girl...referring to Anne Boleyn giving birth to Elizabeth.
Granted, Philippa Gregory does take a certain amount of artistic licence in her writing (ie, making Mary Boleyn younger than Anne, and a lot more innocent than she was)...but some things you can't change. She's not going to write Anne Boleyn off the block. She's not going to make her suddenly give birth to a male heir and erase Queen Elizabeth's existance. I would have thought most people going into a movie like that would either: A) know some basic history of Henry the eighth and his 6 wives (set aside, beheaded, died, set aside, beheaded, lived)...or B) read the book the movie was based on...But I guess I was wrong.

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Luv said...

You will be surprise by so little people know about history. I was on the Other Boleyn Girl movie forum message board talking about Anne's execution, when someone accuse me of spoiling the ending, because we were talking about Anne's beheading...we spoiled it for them. I really spoiled it for the any future sequels when I mention that Henry VIII go on to marry 4 more times. Someone even ask when was Henry VIII President.LOL! I wonder what is being taught in the school.

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