Thursday, May 22, 2008

Guess what happened at our house last night?...or, why you shouldn't let your 1 year old play with the telephone.

Last night, as I was putting the laundry away, busy, busy Jeremy reached for one of his favorite non-toy-toys, the telephone on my bedside table. Usually, it's pretty cute as he holds it by his ear and jabbers away before I take it from him and say "no" and distract him with something else. So I hung it up, said "no" and was about to give him something when the phone rang.
"911 operator, we recieved a call from this number"
(OH NO!)"I'm so sorry, my baby was playing with the phone, I had no idea...I will move the phone out of his reach"
"Alright Ma'am, we need your name and address for our records"
And so, I gave the information, finished the call, unplugged that phone and put it way up out of Jeremy's reach. I finished putting away the laundry and headed to the bathroom to run the boy's bath. As I'm undressing Jeremy, the doorbell rings. (Who the heck is that? I think, annoyed as I shut off the running water, pick Jeremy up and head to the door)
"Hello Officer"
"Hi Ma'am, there was a 911 call from this number, we're just checking up to make sure everything is alright"
"Yes, I'm so sorry, my son here was playing with the phone, I had no idea we had the number programmed into the phone, I've now moved the phone, so he can't get it anymore"
He peers in and looks at myself and both boys, assessing that really, there is no emergency and then says, "You know we were knocking at the other door, why was there no answer?"
"I'm running the baby's bath and I didn't hear the door knock, just the doorbell"
"alright, we just needed to check it out"
"of course, I'm so sorry"
I couldn't believe it. Of course, now Elijah is excited because the police came to his house. "Jeremy called the police Mommy?" And now we also had to have a lesson in 911 to make sure the other son doesn't try it out. (I taught a boy once who was fascinated with 911, calling it both at home and at school...his mother was not impressed)
What a night!

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