Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm in love with Pad Thai

I know, I'm slow on the whole foreign food that is trendy thing...esp since I don't live near Vancouver anymore. I first had Pad Thai this spring at my friend Erin's birthday which she cleverly planned at Suwanna (the best Thai place in Saint John)...usually I get a curry bowl, which I did, but we did the "let's all order a dish and share" thing, which was great. Then, last week a bunch of us from work went to the Thai Hut(yes, Saint John has more than one place to get Thai food) and I had Pad Thai again...yummy! So since then I've been craving more of it. Last night we ordered food in because we were exhausted tired from our trip (more on that later) and fortunately Jonathan's favorite Chinese restaurant is almost across the street from the Thai Hut in Quispamsis, so once again...yummy! So now I've looked and yes, there is a Pad Thai recipe my favorite cookbook series (the Crazy Plates sisters) which you know I will try...I'll keep you posted.

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