Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ready, Set, Fall

I didn't really notice it happening. Goodness knows Elijah still picking out shorts in the morning didn't either. But fall has come and chilled the Maritimes once again. Summer out here is so short and sweet that you want to savour every moment. But as sunny as it is, fall is fall. And I love fall. I really do. Out here it is so pretty. I love to go and look at the trees in their prime. I love to take walks with the boys, hear our feet crunch the leaves, just before one of us starts to throw them at each other for a big leaf fight. I look forward to our apple picking weekend.
It is very different than fall in BC. Fall is BC is pretty. It's just a lot rainier. It's not as cold, but the people there think it is. I know because I just saw pictures my mom took on Thanksgiving weekend and there were people wearing parkas. I've definately grown some Maritime stock in me to hold off on the parka for as long as possible. I'm still wearing my fleece jacket and I have to argue for Elijah to at least put on his vest ('but I'm wearing long sleeves Mom, I don't need a jacket').
I also look at Maritime fall as a big warning sign. Sure the road construction is almost finished, just before winter comes along to put in some more potholes. This week I completed a get ready for winter task that I'd never heard of in BC, winter treating my windows. Basically, you go to Kent (or whatever big hardware chain you're dealing with) and buy window plastic. This kit comes with double sided tape to line your windows. You then cut the right size sheet of plastic off to fit your window. Once your windows are covered, take your hairdryer and use it to shrink the plasic tight. Cut of the excess and you're good. Apparently it increases the S-factor of your window by a bit. And it does work. There's a noticeable difference already (as there was last spring when I took off last year's plastic). If you west coasters are having a giggle, look it up. Rick Mercer did a spot with Jean Cretien a few years ago showing him how to plastic the Prime Minister's residence.
Another sure sign of winterizing happened today, we had our first fire of the season in our fire place. I know we didn't need a fire today. In fact we probably won't need one for a few weeks yet. But Jonathan loves the fire. And you could tell he was itching to see how this year's crop of wood would burn. It was really nice to smell the wood smell in the house again. And to come home this afternoon to a toasty house.

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