Monday, June 16, 2008

The Mom Cut

I love having long hair generally and have tried to avoid, "the mom cut". You know what I mean. Women with beautiful long hair have children and boom, their hair gets chopped off. I did pretty well with Elijah when he was a baby, but oh my goodness Jeremy is another story. This is one strong kid who loves to pull on his mom's hair like it is his own private climbing rope. And it doesn't matter if it's in a ponytail, bun, clip, whatever, he will pull it out and pull as hard as he can. OUCH! So I had enough and called Kevin (our hairdresser). He was surprised because he's never seen me with short hair, but desperate times and all. He did a fabulous job. I don't think it's too short, just right for what I need right now really. Take a look:

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What's Jeremy up to?

Parenting a second baby is completely different than a first. With your first, time seems to move so slowly as you take in every single detail of their development. With the second, all of a sudden you turn around and they are not a baby any more. It's so bizarre. So here is the long overdue list of what Jeremy says, is and does. (I know, I was so deligent in my first blog writing about Elijah that some of this may be 'mother-guilt')
Jeremy is a sweet, loving, friendly little boy who can be such a cheeky monkey! He's a first-rate charmer. He has lightning-quick speed. He is curious about everything. He's super-cuddly and looks up to his big-brother wanting to do everything he does. (rather annoying at times to big-brother, but flattering too). Jeremy is fascinated with water and animals. He's very determined to explore once he sets his eyes on something.
He has an ever-increasing vocabulary that includes:
ma-ma (surprisingly for both me and Jonathan)
da-da (just for Jonathan)
I-jah (Elijah)
bih-ba-ba (big brother)
daw-daw (doggie)
kih (kitty)
ba-ba (bottle/sippy cup)
baw (ball)
buh (book)
bi-pah (diaper)
shu (shoe)
bah (balloon)
moah (more - usually referring to food)
dah (done - also usually referring to food)
bye-bye (complete with wave)
hi (also with wave)
mi-ah (mine)
wa-wa (water)
buh-bul (bubbles)
Those are the words off the top of my head.
He has also started to walk more and more, but he doesn't really see the point of it, he gets around so fast scooting (if you've ever seen him you know what I mean). He gives the most loving hugs and baby kisses. He is super-friendly and will greet anyone and everyone we pass when we're out (I joke about signing him up as a greeter at church). He is also starting to realise that he's a boy and wants to hang out with the guys (Dad and Elijah) more and more. He wants to do everything that Elijah does (I can use this to my advantage to get Jeremy to settle down, by asking Elijah to play with a certain toy and have Jeremy copy-cat him)
Jeremy loves water and gets so excited when he hears the bath running. Unfortunately, his love of water can also get him into trouble as he is like a magnet for the toilet.
He can get up on both couches now and has figured out how to get down safely from one of them.
He loves to play with balls, pretend to talk on his phone, and roll trucks and cars, driving them around the house.
We've been going outside more and more as the weather cooperates, and he loves to get in the dirt (grab it, through it, eat it, rub it in his hair)...fortunately, he also loves to play in the little tykes car, which can distract him from my garden.
As I mentioned he is a cheeky monkey. He loves wearing no clothes, so you have to be quick when changing him. If he gets away wearing nothing but a diaper, good luck getting him back to the changing mat. Last night we were having supper at a friends's apartment. I had gotten him undressed, into the new diaper, but he escaped before I got the PJ's on. He then would creep back, peer at me from behind the couch with a big grin and laugh hysterically as he tried to escape again. He's totally mischievious.
Less and less is he a baby and more and more is he this wonderful little boy. I look forward to watching as his personality continues to develop.

Why, why, why?

Why in the world do people put stickers on their cars that look like bulletholes?

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