Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Mom Moment

These are a couple of Elijah's recent drawings. I'm pretty proud of them. I've been watching his drawings move from scribbles to recognizable pictures this past year.
There is a story that he told me that goes along with these pictures.
Once upon a time a boy named Elijah was playing hockey with Wayne Gretzky. They were playing against Patrick Roy in goal. Wayne Gretzky passed the puck to Elijah and he shoots and scores! He got a goal against Patrick Roy. He was very happy. The End.
Elijah's imagination about playing hockey really has no limit. This Sunday he showed me a picture he drew in Sunday School. It was very clearly 2 people playing hockey. When I asked him who was playing hockey he said, "That's me and Jesus, playing hockey when Jesus was a little boy."

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