Thursday, January 14, 2010

Would you just listen to her????

So one of the bonuses of our new place is that it comes with cable. We haven't had cable since we were first married and living at the college and really don't watch a lot of TV. I am enjoying having TLC back in my life. It is one of those channels that if I had to pick 5 channels just for me would be on that list. Of course I'm right back into shows like A Baby Story and Birth Day.
Today's episode of A Baby Story made me so mad! There was a first time mom on there who had chosen a midwife because she wanted to see the same practitioner for each of her appointments rather than what her doctor's office was offering which was a rotation of 6 doctors so she never knew who was coming in to see her.
She also liked the idea of a natural water birth. That is until her labour happened and increased in pain dramatically. I just felt so bad for the woman. She is at the hospital with all sorts of amenities, shouting for pain relief and no one is listening to her. Her midwife is insisting that she just bear through the pain. Her husband is telling her that she really doesn't want pain relief, that she'll regret it. And the poor woman is just in tears wondering why no one is listening to her.
Childbirth hurts people! It's great that you have all these intentions beforehand, but the reality is completely different. If there is pain relief available, let her get it!
Finally, they let her consult with an anethetist who brought her an epidural. It was almost too late in her labour for her to receive it by this point.
Watching this just made me so glad that Jonathan has been so completely supportive of my needs when I've been in labour. He's all for me having pain medication and made sure I spoke up about it. You support person should be there to support you, period!

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