Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Amazing Spiderman

Elijah has decided that he is going to be Spiderman when he grows up. He honestly believes this to be a real job. It's very sweet. He's just waiting for the radioactive Spider to bite him. He also thinks it's okay if Anna (his 'girlfriend') wants to change her name to Mary Jane, but has decided not to officially change his name to Peter Parker as he doesn't want to pay the government to do that. Sometimes when we are talking he will say things like "my spidey senses were tingling about that." He has decided to study physics when he is in university because that will help him with his web building. When asked why he wants to be spiderman he says it's a good job to help the police because he will know when a crime is happening and can report it to the Daily Bugle.

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