Saturday, December 18, 2010

12 Days of Christmas

This is the first year of many that I haven't run a Christmas concert (or 2).  I earned a reputation as being a classic concert type of music teacher.  My theory is that most people want to hear their kids sing something familiar and nostalgic.  I've also quite enjoyed the Christmas around the world theme to concerts.  One thing my students learned not to ask is if they could perform the 12 Days of Christmas.  They thought I didn't like the song.  That's not quite true.  I do like the song, I just can only take so much of it.  Remember that I start on their Christmas music back in November and two months of it is too much.  Only once in recent memory did I let a group perform this one and it was a grade 8 extra group of students who weren't taking music but still wanted a spot in the show.  It was pretty funny they way they did it, but I only worked with them a few lunch hour practices before the concert.  Here's proof that I actually do like the song.  Yesterday, I heard two versions of it while driving.  The first is my favorite get me in the Christmas humor version, the second is new to me, they both had me smiling!

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