Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Friendship is the way to go

I have a friend who comes from Pakistan. She moved to Canada about a year and a half ago. She is Muslim, but not the extreme wearing a burqua sort. She doesn't cover her hair and I don't think she eats Halal. What has been very interesting (for me) is that she has asked me about different Christian celebrations, their meanings and the symbols that accompany them. It first happened when she was over for tea around Christmas time. She has never been in a home where there was a Christmas tree before. It was all new to her. This morning she asked about the symbolism behind the eggs with Easter. She didn't know anything about the Easter story. So I told it to her. She was really interested. What's great and a good point to remember for me is that I have never thought to openly evangelize to her. This all has just happened as our friendship has unfolded. She obviously feels comfortable enough with me to ask. I didn't have witnessing in mind when we became friends, she is just someone I like and whose company I enjoy. This part is an unexpected bonus.

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