Sunday, August 26, 2007 generation is showing!

This week at Camp Medley I was getting Elijah to call Shawn "Bible Man" after watching him walk to the pool wearing his towel around his shoulders cape-style and carrying his bible in hand. He later mentioned that there was a "Bible Man" superhero.
"I know", I said, "it's Buddy."
"Buddy from Charles in Charge" Only Jonathan showed some look of recognition
"Charles in Charge with Scott Baio" more blank stares
"Scott Baio, you know Chachi?" a few more looks of quasi-recognition
"Chachi from Happy Days"
Forget it.


Shawn Branch said...

it's man doesn't think any less of you for being old.

Jilly said...

I had a similar, although slightly more bizarre for the students, incident of this my first year teaching. I happened to say to a student, "Your story grows tiresome. Touch my monkey and leave." Which garnered many blank but very very bemused looks.

What I love is when kids say "Oh, yeah, I know Mike Meyers isn't just the Austin Powers guy. He did the Wayne's World movies, too." or "I know, the Bare Naked Ladies are actually this really old band. I even have their really early stuff, like Gordon."

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