Saturday, August 25, 2007

Slinging in England

I started babywearing (or slinging) a few months back with Jeremy. Thanks to Sarah's creations, I'm enjoying it emensely. (Yes Jill, I should have listened to you and got one with Elijah way back when...) I have Jeremy in the sling when we're out shopping, when I'm vaccuming, when I'm get the picture. I was so glad to have the sling along for our England trip. It packs well, no bulky stroller to pack around, no worries about stairs, and Jeremy loves it and can nap in it too. (what a terrible run-on sentence that was).
Well didn't I have more looks and questions in England about the sling than I've ever had in Canada. I met only one person who had ever seen a sling before, to the rest it was a complete novelty. They all thought it was great and I (or Jeremy rather) got a lot of smiles. Here's a pic or 2 of us slinging in England...some you have to search for the little hand or foot that represents Jeremy, as I mentioned, he loves to sleep in it.


Christian Gowan said...

that's really nifty. nope- never saw one of those before. cool stuff.

Jilly said...

I hate to say I told you so . . . but I will anyway.

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