Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I know my brother is probably laughing his head off at this title. He used to drive me nuts when we were kids calling me a bookworm nerd. Now that I'm the very grown up age of 32, I admit it, I am such a bookworm nerd. Books are my addiction. If I am not in the middle of a book, I start to feel nervous, it drives me crazy. Most moms say they miss reading once they had children...I gave up TV and other lazy pursuits and kept reading.
So it has been driving me nuts that I haven't found a good place online to converse with other book addicts about my latest read. I haven't ever bought anything off Amazon, so I can't write there. Yahoo Answers Books and Literature helps a little but there are way too many Twilighters on there and frankly, Answers is not a discussion group anyway. (BTW, I have never read the Twilight series, nor have any intention of it, get over it). So I have started yet another blog. This one will be my little page on the web to share and vent about what I have been reading. You can find it at bookwormkristen.blogspot.com

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