Sunday, August 24, 2008

On the way home

Warning: The following post is gross!
I have one New Hampshire story I've been saving...Near the end of our camping trip Jeremy got sick. It was Saturday, the day we went to Boston, the day before our drive home. I debated whether or not to go to Boston, but I figured he'd be sick if we were at the campsite, or, if we were in Boston, and both were away from home. While touring around Boston, Christy also became sick, as did Faith. The next morning, Elijah started to throw up as well. You know the car trip is going to be interesting when you have to pull over before you even make it to the highway.
By the time we reached the I-95, there were a few more sick people in our group. Originally, the three cars were going to stick together on the drive home, but, each car had at least one person in it who was throwing up. So instead of continuously stopping for everyone, we split up and each car only stopped then when it had too. I'm so glad Christy was in our car. She was such a help. At one point in the trek, it became comical as I was looking for the switch from the I-95 to the I-295, Christy was looking for the toll money, Jeremy was calling out Bum Bum as he had a diaper explosion, and Elijah was calling out for a bag as he was going to throw up again. Needless to say we took the next exit. At that point in the day I had run out of clean clothes for the boys. Jeremy was dressed only in a t-shirt. We had no more bags for Elijah to heave into. So I asked the kind lady at the Blue Canoe for help. (we were in Portland a that point, not quite lunchtime). She gave us a stack of plastic bags and directions to Target. While at Target I bought both boys some clothes and a pack of wipes (because we had run out of those too). We decided to make Portland out lunch stop, but as soon as we left Target, Elijah promptly fell asleep. Maybe that was a blessing because he couldn't have had anything to eat anyway. So we grabbed some drive-through Wendy's and headed back out. We ended up back into the storm that had hit us the night before in New Hampshire when we got to Bangor (and the rest of the drive through Maine and New Brunswick), so that was fun driving too. By the time we reached home, I think we had only 3 bags left. Oh, it was not fun. Over the next few days more of the team had their share of whatever bug was hitting us. All told, 11 of the 14 had it in one form or another.

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