Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Simple Life?

This has been flying around facebook lately and it's worth watching. It's given me a number of random thoughts over the past few days, so take a look and then read my random thoughts.

-I have 3 email accounts (4 if you count facebook) all with a different purpose, username and password. My main one, my old main one which is now mostly junk, my work one and facebook (which is where most people message me anyways) - how is this simple?

-Are we losing our abilility to converse face to face? Have you noticed how more and more often people are in a rush to finish talking and are off somewhere else? Texting at the table? Laptops on during meetings? When was the last time you sat down with a good friend and a cup of tea for a nice long chat?

-Have you noticed how many songs are about the good old days and they aren't our grandparents writing them? Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson (sorry I'm a little country biased here) all have ones out right now.

-Have you noticed how supposedly we should have all this extra time because of all our convenient time savers? Yet more and more people eat out and rely on pre-packaged food? They don't cook themselves because they don't have the time to do it.

-What are you most fond of when looking back at your childhood? Will your kids have the same sort of memories?

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JD Hogg said...

That's one of my favorite comics Kris - Louis CK - I saw him at the Vogue theater last year

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