Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How did I get such opposites?

Jeremy is my summer lovin' boy.  He is in his element right now.  He will spend as much time as possible outdoors, with as little clothing as he can get away with.  I can fill a tub of water up for him to play with outside and he will spend hours loading up buckets and splashing away with his 'water table'.

Elijah is my winter lovin' boy.  Already he's asking when it's going to snow again.  He wants it to be hockey season, now.  The fact that it's the Stanley Cup finals only reminds him that there are months left until he can play hockey again.  When it snows he will spend hours outside sledding, building snowmen, snow angels, snowballs and not once complain of the cold. 

Jeremy would rather spend the winter in the house, wrapped in a blanket, sipping hot chocolate.  He complains bitterly about walking Elijah to school each day because it's too cold.  In fact he complains bitterly about walking from the car to the house in the winter because it's too cold.

Elijah is the only one of the 2 who will complain that it's too hot (I can't believe any child of mine would do that)

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