Tuesday, June 8, 2010

They look older

It's funny how all of a sudden you can look at your own child and they look different.   This past week I was struck by both boys as to how much older they are looking.  Elijah to me doesn't look 5 at all anymore.  He won't be 6 for another month and a half, but he's completely lost that babyish look that can still sit on 5 year olds.  In fact if he lost a couple of teeth he would look closer to 7.
I looked at Jeremy at the dinner table today and I thought, oh my goodness, I only have Olivia left as a baby.  Jeremy is such a boy now.   A few people have asked if he starts JK in the fall (thank goodness the answer is no, I am not ready for that yet!)
I know others can see this on kids when they aren't around them everyday so it kinda sneaks up on you when you do spend all your time with them.   Jonathan went away twice recently and spent some time away from the kids so he could see it more, especially in Olivia as she gets bigger. 
Here's some pictures to see the past few months:

Elijah at Christmas-time

Elijah this past weekend
Jeremy and Olivia in March

Jeremy and Olivia today

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