Thursday, October 28, 2010

What does 'multicultural' mean to you?

I was invited to go to a celebration of Posada in December.  One sentence really stood out to me and I've been pondering ever since.  It said something about how, since we are in a multicultural city, there will be no religious focus, just the Mexican food and dancing and singing. 
Interesting.  Posada originates in the Nativity Story.  That's what it is about.  But they aren't going to have any part of it.  So how is this a Posada celebration exactly?
Since when does being multicultural mean no Christian focus at all?  Because let's face it, Diwali would still be a Hindi festival with religious content.  The recent Chinese Moon Festival had religious content too.  But that's okay right?  Because that's multicultural.  I'm sure the Vegetarian food festival earlier this summer hosted by the Hari Krishna's had religious context too.  I guess multicultural means everything is okay as long as it isn't Christian in any way.  Makes me wonder what they are so scared of?  The gospel is pretty powerful.  It's true after all.

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