Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy World Cup

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

They look older

It's funny how all of a sudden you can look at your own child and they look different.   This past week I was struck by both boys as to how much older they are looking.  Elijah to me doesn't look 5 at all anymore.  He won't be 6 for another month and a half, but he's completely lost that babyish look that can still sit on 5 year olds.  In fact if he lost a couple of teeth he would look closer to 7.
I looked at Jeremy at the dinner table today and I thought, oh my goodness, I only have Olivia left as a baby.  Jeremy is such a boy now.   A few people have asked if he starts JK in the fall (thank goodness the answer is no, I am not ready for that yet!)
I know others can see this on kids when they aren't around them everyday so it kinda sneaks up on you when you do spend all your time with them.   Jonathan went away twice recently and spent some time away from the kids so he could see it more, especially in Olivia as she gets bigger. 
Here's some pictures to see the past few months:

Elijah at Christmas-time

Elijah this past weekend
Jeremy and Olivia in March

Jeremy and Olivia today

How did I get such opposites?

Jeremy is my summer lovin' boy.  He is in his element right now.  He will spend as much time as possible outdoors, with as little clothing as he can get away with.  I can fill a tub of water up for him to play with outside and he will spend hours loading up buckets and splashing away with his 'water table'.

Elijah is my winter lovin' boy.  Already he's asking when it's going to snow again.  He wants it to be hockey season, now.  The fact that it's the Stanley Cup finals only reminds him that there are months left until he can play hockey again.  When it snows he will spend hours outside sledding, building snowmen, snow angels, snowballs and not once complain of the cold. 

Jeremy would rather spend the winter in the house, wrapped in a blanket, sipping hot chocolate.  He complains bitterly about walking Elijah to school each day because it's too cold.  In fact he complains bitterly about walking from the car to the house in the winter because it's too cold.

Elijah is the only one of the 2 who will complain that it's too hot (I can't believe any child of mine would do that)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I missed the window

I've recently declared Friday nights Family movie night.  Each week we pick a different movie (not kid show that's on DVD, but a family movie) pop popcorn and watch it.  So far we've watched, The Incredibles, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland (cartoon), Stuart Little and Stuart Little 2.  I've discovered that Elijah is picky about what movies we watch, but in a different way than I expected.  When I suggested Cinderella, he was incredulous, "What?  That's a GIRL movie!"...ahh I missed the window of when he would watch full length movies to when he's gender aware...guess I'll have to wait for Olivia to be bigger.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

On a night like this, what are you gonna do?

Jonathan's been away a bit recently, so when he called at 4 asking if we'd like to pick him up from school, I thought it was a great idea.  That way he didn't have to spend an hour on the subway, (plus walking time in the rain) and we get to see him a little bit extra today.

Well of course neither of us were thinking, rush hour in the rain coming home.  Certainly we weren't thinking of lanes being blocked and traffic mishaps.  The first time we looped around to head back into the city we decided to find somewhere to grab a snack so I could feed the baby to avoid being stuck in the traffic and hopefully avoid her waking up and having a baby fit.  It worked, we found a Loblaws (meaning free downtown parking) and headed inside for a drink and some fries.  We thought the hour would be enough so we headed out again.

The second time we looped around to head back into the city because the roads hadn't improved we decided to take Danforth and hopefully find a restaurant because now even though she'd eaten, Olivia wasn't happy to ride in the car anymore.  She certainly wasn't if the car wasn't moving.  (what is it with babies in the car, keep the car moving, they are fine, the car halts and they are screaming).  And of course the traffic onto Danforth was also slow meaning baby crying.  At first it was do-able.  Elijah was talking to her very sweetly and calmly, but I could not find any parking.  Not at all.  And so Jeremy gets upset because of the baby crying, so what does he do?  Burst into tears himself.  (Remember also that Jonathan has been away from the kids for 2 weeks so this is quite the innaugeration back into the family).  I look beside me and he's got his fingers in his ears to block the noise of not one, but 2 children crying excessively, I glance in the back seat and Elijah is doing the same.  And really what could I do?  Burst out laughing.  I found it quite comical.

I did also find a parking lot.  We did find a nice Greek Restaurant (we were on Danforth after all).  And we did spend the next hour and a bit having some great family time over a meal.  Sometimes you just gotta turn it around. 

Believe it or not we did make it back to the DVP for the 3rd time.  We didn't have to loop back, but the traffic was still thick, so I took one of the off roads and headed home at a much faster pace.  It was just after 9 when we got in.  Jeremy fell asleep on the way back and Elijah crawled into bed a little late, but happy.

Do I regret the decision to go into the city at such a terrible time?  In the end, no.  We got some great time out of it and really the boys were so happy to be with the family, it ended up being great.

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