Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh Jeremy

I think I love writing about Jeremy so much because he's just at such an amusing age. Here are some Jeremy-isms

He loves Bon Jovi right now - you can hear him rocking out singing: "Shock-a the heart and you're too late, you give love a bad name!" Don't try to tell him he has the words wrong though. That's how he hears it, so that's how he sings it.

The other morning he asked me where my pee-pee was. I explained that I didn't have one because girls don't have them, just boys. He then cheered out, "Yeah! Boys are awesome!"

Last week at a restaurant, Jonathan took the boys to the washroom. Jeremy called out from his stall, "Daddy, I have to poo" "Okay" says Jonathan. "It's the square kind!" shouts back Jeremy

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