Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Tenderheart

As tough as he is on the outside, Elijah is really my tenderheart. I was reminded of this this week as he sat up crying in his bed at bedtime. I brought him downstairs as to not wake up his siblings and we cuddled and talked. He told me all his worries, a boy at school who had been telling him scary stories, the girls who didn't go outside during a firedrill, a friend of his who had tried running away from school. He was worried that the boy telling scary stories would scare others with them. That the girls would be hurt in a fire and that his friend would be taken by a stranger. He really is a loving, caring little guy. He is so determined to do what is right and that others follow suit.
He's also quite a tenderheart for his sister. He adores her. All I have to say is boys look out when you come calling on Olivia, you'll have Elijah to deal with, making sure you are good enough for his little sis.

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