Saturday, March 24, 2007

And we are surviving

Here we are lacking sleep, fighting off colds, watching too much Blue's Clues and enjoying every minute of Jeremy's life with us. There are things about newborns that I love that I totally forgot about. Some like all night cluster feeding I think God programs us to forget or we'd never have more than one baby. Others, like their smell, their facial expressions and their tiny toes you want to hold onto forever. Elijah says Jeremy smells like a bowl of honey. I asked him what he smells like and he answered popcorn. As tired as I am, I do cherish the little moments. Like the 4 in the morning feeding where you feel like you and your baby are the only people in the world. (this is only special if you don't have the baby blues, otherwise that contentment turns into a feeling of abandonment). I've had those moments too, but what gets me through is knowing this time around that newborn doesn't last forever. I got through it before and I will get through it again. I look at Elijah and wonder where the last 2 and a half years makes me cherish my time with him and Jeremy all the more. I love my boys and I wouldn't trade them for anything. I thank Jonathan for all he does to make this time as easy on me as possible, Jill for encouraging me 7 weeks down the road from us, and everyone else who have sent along messages of love and well wishes and prayers...they are much appreciated.

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