Sunday, March 4, 2007

Doctors should not be allowed to do this...and other pregnant notes

So at my appointment on Friday, my doctor says to me...this baby is coming this weekend. All the signs point in that direction. Great, I'm ready, I'll have time to do my last minute packing and make sure that the house is all in order. We call my parents and Jonathan's sister to put them on standby. We call our friends that are going to look after Elijah to let them know that he'll probably be coming this weekend. And then we wait, and wait, and wait. And I re-read about labour and delivery and breathing techniques and all of that. Jonathan makes sure that the driveway is ready (because you know there's a storm of course). And sure enough I have early labour symptoms (so many, that I start thinking the book checklist is made for this moment). And I count contractions. And I start getting consistant contractions...20 minutes apart...up to 10 minutes apart for a good hour. And they do get stronger and more painful...and then nothing. Stops completely. In fact I've had very few contractions today and very mild and nothing consistant. So here we are, ready for church...and who knows how long until this baby will come. I guess that's false labour for least it didn't get as far as some people who get all the way up to 3 minute apart contractions consistantly, go to the hospital, only to have them stop altogether and be sent home.
Oh, yes, the other pregnant notes:
1) Girls, when you buy your maternity clothes, nothing will fit you right in the last weeks of pregnancy...even if your pants fit very well when you get dressed in the morning, they inevitably will slide down during the course of the day...several me, it is no fun having to keep re-adjusting your pants while grocery shopping.
2) The concept of get as much rest as you can before the baby comes is a joke...if only because you can only sleep on your side and when that side gets uncomfortable, you can't just roll actually have to physically sit up and then turn over to the other side.
3) Take a 2 year old with you to the doctor's appointments...they learn to lose their fear of the doctor (they still get the sticker) and you get extra checkups at home. Elijah has found my old school keys key ring that is like a long necklace that has become his baby heart rate monitor. He "checks" the baby with it daily, complete with the static sound and heartbeats. He also takes a tape measure to measure the baby and would take my blood pressure, I'm sure if we had something resembling that too.

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