Sunday, March 4, 2007

Elijah the pancake-aholic

Ask Elijah what his favorite food is lately, it's pancakes. In fact, we've had so many pancakes for breakfast lately that yesterday, I made a batch for him and Jonathan and then made myself poached eggs and toast, just to take a break. So, how many pancakes does the average 2 1/2 year old boy eat? Personally, I eat 2 or 3 and I'm done, so I would assume Elijah would eat the same or less. Nope, not my boy. His current record is 7. His average pancake intake a day is 6. Seriously, I can't get them off the pan fast enough for him. I serve him 2 at a time and just finish the next set in time for hear "more please". I know I don't have to make him pancakes every day, but how do you resist when he comes up in the morning all sleepy eyed and loving and says..."hug and a kiss mommy" and then says "pancakes please mommy". It's kind of a nice ritual in the morning too...he helps make the batter (the recipe that I pretty much have memorised now). And I know he's getting a good breakfast to start the day. I don't have to look far to figure out where he gets this pancake love from. The last 2 year old that I knew that ate pancakes so much? My brother Jeff. Family legend has 2 pancake stories in it. The first was when we were staying at our auntie's house for the weekend and she couldn't keep up with his pancake demand either (every time she turned around his plate was she says). The other was on vacation at Samba's (?) for breakfast where they made silver dollar pancakes for kids. I think you got 10 a serving. Jeff ate his and half of mine and some of Krystal and Danielle's (family friends) as well. So Elijah comes by it honestly. It's getting to be pretty funny, this pancake thing. Last night at supper, he asks for pancakes and I said that he could have some for breakfast tomorrow, but it was suppertime now. He looks at me very seriously and replies, "I want it breaket time now".

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