Thursday, January 31, 2008

Be still my beating heart...

In entertainment news this week, an article jumped out at me, as I'm sure it did many other 30ish women...rumour is the New Kids on the Block are reuniting.
For those too young to remember, the New Kids were the Zac Effron of their day...only there were 5 of them, one for you and each of your friends. They hit the music scene at just the right time for my teeny-bopper heart. Of course I had a favorite, and of course my room was wallpapered in pictures of him.
This got me thinking about all of my old crushes and where are they now:

Starting with Kirk Cameron...I was 10, he was 15 and on my TV every Tuesday night. Now he's 37 and a pastor/evangelist. His website is He and his wife have 6 kids.

Along came Corey Haim...I once polled my dorm floor and just asked Haim or Feldman and recieved an answer from every female there, they knew what I was talking about. I think I was 12 when Licence to Drive came out and one look at that crooked grin and I was hooked. Unfortunately, the afterstory is not nearly so happy. As often happens with young stars, this one went down the path of drugs and alcohol. I've heard he (now 36) and Corey Feldman have their own reality show now called (surprisingly) The Two Coreys. He's single.

Chris Young was another favorite of mine from the movie, the Great Outdoors. Now 36, he produces music videos. That's all I could find out about him.

Of course, the inspiration for this blog post was Joey McIntyre. *sigh* Could a 13 year old girl be any happier than listening to him croon "Please Don't Go Girl", imagining him to be singing to her. He's now 35 (the youngest New Kid...the oldest is now 40 btw...tha'll make you feel old in a hurry). I missed his season of Dancing With the Stars (I started watching 2 or 3 seasons in). Apparently, he's still doing well in entertainment, with some work on Broadway under his belt. He's married with a baby boy.

Of course the New Kids led way to many copycat acts including The Party (Chase Hampton is now 32 and still in music, his band is called Buzzfly, Tommy Page (now 37 and still recording...who knew?), and The Guys Next Door (no idea where they are now).

Post New Kids era were Christian Slater (now 38) and still acting and Chris O'Donnell, now 37, married with 5 kids and last seen on Grey's Anatomy.

There you are, all updated and feeling old...God Bless Wikipedia.

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Jilly said...

New Kids on the Block . . . I remember being in grade 8 and suddenly my friends who had been interested in perfectly normal things like stamps and video games and fantasy books started getting tape players in their rooms so they could listen to New Kids and talking about which was their "favorite". I promptly decided that this was some form of female mass hysteria, refused to listen to the music or otherwise engage in any discussion about them. I then declared that I would never hang cute boy posters on my wall (I never did, by the way) and started hanging around with boys with sensible interests. Instead of listening to tapes and hanging posters on my wall I spent my early teens saying "I attack the dragon with my magical sword (and roll my d20 to find out if I hit) and then dodge his firey breath" and posters of skeletal warriors and giant dragons on my wall. I had a policy of not crushing on people I could never meet in real life (another one of my too sensible things, I suppose). But I did admit to finding Jon the most attractive New Kid if pushed to make a choice.

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