Saturday, January 19, 2008

For Jill

Ahh my friend Jill...apparently my only faithful reader who misses my blog. I've been going through the cycle of blog guilt and didn't want to write another "I'm sorry for not writing in my blog kind of entry"...Yes, my blog has suffered as many other blogs have suffered by the online allure of Facebook...hooked on Scrabulous (please don't shut it down Hasbro, I haven't beaten Brad yet!), and reconnecting with friends of the past that's where I've been...always with my blog lingering in the back of my mind.
For inspiration I visited month one of Blog the First, re-reading the entries that started it all (Sept. 2005), enjoying my random musings on marriage, motherhood and teaching. So, perhaps I will take a few minutes away from Facebook to blog again...we'll see.

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