Sunday, April 20, 2008


Jonathan was away Friday night. At some point during the night Elijah crawled into bed with Jeremy and I. They were actually really cute together as they cuddled each other like puppies while they slept. In the morning I woke up to find an apple was also in our bed. Elijah had brought it with him, "just in case he got hungry during the night". Jeremy saw the apple and wanted it. (Usually, he eats apples in the form of applesauce or tiny cut up cubes.) When I saw how much he wanted it, I sent Elijah into the kitchen to bring Jeremy his own apple. Oh my gosh, were they ever cute about this. Elijah gave Jeremy his apple and then proceded to give his little brother a lesson in how to eat an apple. "Watch me Jeremy, you have to bite a hole in it, and then you keep biting anound the apple for your pieces, like this" CHOMP! Really Jeremy just kinda knawed at his, breaking the skin through only once and then spitting it out, because apple skin really isn't too appealing when you are only one. But did he have a hoot. He kept his eyes on his apple and his brother the whole time...wanting to do exactly what Elijah was doing.


Shawn C. Branch said...

i wish i had elijah around when i was learning how to eat an apple.

Jilly said...

What great early morning photos! Isn't it amazing how much little brothers want to be JUST LIKE their older brother?

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