Friday, July 10, 2009

A good bra is hard to find

My friend Tammy and her friend Ann opened a bra shop up last fall. Appropriately named, The Girl's Bra Shop (their blog link is on my sidebar), it developed out of the neverending quest for the perfect bra. You all know what I'm talking about girls. There is nothing worse than buying a bra only to find you hate the way it fits 3 days later. The shoulder straps don't tighten properly or the underwire digs into your ribs or its not quite as supportive as you first thought. In other words, a complete waste of money.
I finally got time away to go for a proper fitting at The Bra Shop yesterday and oh my goodness was I surprised. First of all the sizing. I was way off in my sizing, in fact when I asked the fitter she told me probably 90% of women that they see are wearing the wrong size. What a difference the right size and a proper fitting make. I know these girls are trained to do a proper fitting. (I was there for an hour). These aren't girls who want to work a mall job and really don't know what they are doing. I know that Tammy and Ann were trained by a specialist and had an intensive course to do what they do. Another difference was once I had found my size and tried on everything in the store in that size and narrowed down my choices, the fitter asked me to try everything I liked on again and take my time. Sit down, stretch, move around. You know then if it's going to dig or ride up in the back or anything else that bothers us about bras.
I ended up with 3 (but could have taken home 6 or 7 easily). And I'm just amazed at the comfort. I know it takes more time, and may cost a little more (but not so much, you'd be surprised), but it is sooooo worth it!

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