Friday, November 13, 2009


So I was getting ready tonight to go somewhere nice for my birthday (Suwanna - I can hardly wait!) and I realised that it is difficult to look nice when you are 6 months pregnant. I tried on 3 outfits. The first just looked dated (I got it when I was pregnant with Elijah, who is now 5). The second I just felt fat instead of pregnant...too bad it wasn't slightly looser - I probably would have been able to wear it a month ago. So now I'm in my 3rd, a loose pink blouse. It's pretty and feminine, but my goodness, who would have thought gettting dressed would be so difficult?


Jilly said...

Happy Birthday, Kris!

My clothing plan this pregnancy has been basic clothes with funky accessories. Oh wait, isn't that always my clothing plan?

AngelaMae said...

girl... you don't need to be preggers to struggle with getting dressed. Us single ladies have that struggle every time we leave the house because we are still trying to catch the eye of Mr. Right!! hahaha I hope you felt as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside though because that is what matters. Love you.

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