Sunday, March 28, 2010

Who my children are right now

My Olivia has hit the "I'm over 2 months old now, so I'm not going to spend all my time sleeping anymore" stage of life. Because she was a preemie, she is still small for her age (she's on the curve though). At her 2 month check up she was 3.8 kg (almost as big as Jeremy was at birth). The comment I get most often from people is that she looks like a little doll. And she does. She's very cuddly and loving (it's amazing how much she speaks through her eyes.) She's starting to smile socially - today you should have seen the big, big smiles she had at church, so lovely! She's also starting to spend time playing, looking at different patterns, noticing her hands, interacting with her's really neat to have another little person around discovering the world.
My Jeremy boy is creative, investigative and very loving. He is cuddly and funny. He is social and very, very 3. He insists that his name and age are one. Up until March 5th he insisted on being called Jeremy 2. Now that he is 3, he is Jeremy 3. If I had to guess what he would be when he grows up at this moment, it would either be an actor or a scientist. He's quite a ham with different voices and characters. He will at any moment be a frog, cat, dog, octopus or elephant. At the same time he is noticing everything (so much so that I have to remind him to watch where he is going when he is walking, otherwise he's asking questions about airplanes, bird nests, squirrels, cracks in the walls...He calls pine cones pineapples and pineapples pine cones. He looks up to Elijah as the person he most wants to be like, copying most everything he does. He is comically dramatic. When he found out that Jonathan ate all the french fries the other day (which Jeremy though he should have had some) Jeremy told him off with such righteous anger, beating his chest for emphasis, and then folding his arms into a big pout. He is very loving and gives the best big hugs. Jeremy loves playing with trucks & cars and watching Cars too. He is a sweet, sweet boy.
My Mr. Elijah is right now my most intense child. He loves with a passion and gets angry with a passion. He feels things deeply. He is very bright and constantly amazes me with what he can read, know and remember. He is completely enamoured with his little sister (he prayed for a sister you know, for years) and sees himself as her stand in care giver/protector. Elijah is quite athletic and love, love, loves hockey. Most recently he's become quite crafty, making things. Any paper, cardboard or stickers that he can find he will claim and turn into art. And he's such a pack rat, refusing to throw even the smallest scrap away. He's also very loving and cuddly (I'm quite a fortunate mom to have these cuddlesons). We snuggle together being all cozy. His teacher told me how much she enjoys having him in her class, that he has been a good influence on some of the rougher boys and that he is so kind to some of the littler kids. He's a great, imaginative storyteller. He finds comfort in togetherness, but enjoys his own downtime too. He is my sweet, sweet boy.

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