Monday, May 24, 2010

Just a Great Day

I took the kids to Toronto Island today. I didn't have an agenda, I just wanted us to get out and explore. "How long are we staying?" asked Elijah. "As long as we want, we've got hours, right until bedtime if we need to" I answered (BTW, never say that to a child because then they will want to stay until bedtime).

In all we spent about 5 hours on the island and I am really looking forward to going back one day. We went to the Franklin Children's Garden, the Splash Pad, the Play Park, the Pier, The Amazing Maze, and The Farm. We got chased by an angry Canada Goose. I'm embarrassed to admit that I screamed in slight terror at this open mouthed bird charging towards us, poor Elijah will never like Canada Geese again. Olivia got to have a great play in the shady lawn (slings double well for a little blanket).

I saw Jeremy's face light up in sheer delight as he got soaked on the splash pad.
And we just enjoyed our time together. It was great.

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Mom said...

Dad and I also had a great time there last June and we knew you would all enjoy it too one day! We started out at the far west end of the island and went all the way down to the other end - walking and on the little tram...
Love M

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