Saturday, May 15, 2010

Toronto Traffic

I don't like the traffic in Toronto.  I knew I wouldn't before I even got here.  I've never liked crowds.  I find the drivers are so impatient from waiting in traffic jams that when there isn't one they speed.  Everywhere.  Including parking lots where there are lots of pedestrians.  Drives me nuts.  And they don't use their signals so why bother even putting them in the features of their cars.  And so many of them have pricey cars, I never thought BMWs and Porches would be common.  Same with Hummers and Lexuses. 
But of all things I never thought I'd say, I am quite proud that I hold my own in the Toronto traffic.  Sure I'm a little bolder of a driver.  But I'm also a nice driver.  It's quite something to see the look of surprise and gratitude a pedestrian gives you for actually stopping and waving them forward at a crosswalk.  As for the traffic jams?  Well, I avoid them if possible, but if not, I've figured out some car games to play with the kids so they don't get bored, and really I think that's why everyone is so pissed off at the traffic because they are bored sitting in it.  Since I have Jeremy and Olivia with me at all times (and Elijah most of the time), I also have complete access to the 3 or more only lanes, which helps. 
So sure Toronto traffic sucks.  But it's do-able. 

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