Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Charming Son

"Mom, Daria keeps trying to kiss me." Really? That's a new one, last I checked it was Jennifer who was after my son in his class. But he's not interested, he's declared he is marrying Anna, his friend from church. According to them it's a perfect match. They are both 5 and a half. They both have green eyes. They both go to church. They both love skating. What's not to love really? Here they are in church a few weeks back.

But Anna is not his first girlfriend. Last fall he was 'romancing' McKenzie in his class. His mom and I had a good chuckle over that one. She's also a teacher at the school I was working in and our kids went to the same school. We both had to have a chat with them about holding hands at school.
But his real girlfriend, until we moved to Ontario was Jen Fry. A former youth from Jonathan's youth group (the older woman). He'd loved her for years. Still does, but since he met Anna, decided that Jen was too old for him, but they were still friends.
I should have guessed something like this would happen. Jonathan admitted he never went through a phase where he thought girls were gross. He always loved girls. Like father like son. It's not just that Elijah likes the girls, they like him too. Last fall going to pick Jeremy up from daycare with Elijah was like watching the ex-high school star return to his old stomping grounds. Cianna and Jaden would shout out, "Hi Elijah" in adoring voices and open their arms up for a hug.
This week, friends of ours from Saint John came to visit. Their daughter Zoe was the first girl Elijah declared he was marrying, way back when they were three. Well, they wasted no time re-newing their friendship. At one point Jonathan joked that he felt like Elijah was cheating on Anna. Take a look.
If he's like this a 5 and a half, what are his teenage years going to be like?

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