Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Day at the Market

We finally had a day out at Kensington Market.  It was the one place I really wanted to go to around Toronto that we hadn't been to.  It's a neat area of town, with a kinda hippie vibe, but mixed with some East Coast and city feel into it (not quite Victoria or San Francisco).   Here's some pictures and highlights:

 The boys in the trenches - or at the Army Surplus store
 Sometimes an outing turns into the Jeremy show - he's quite a ham
 Olivia, content to watch from the stroller
 "look at the fish blood!"  is what was exclaimed when we went into the fish market - yep, that's boys
 All sorts of varieties of veggies available
 Jonathan with his cuddly teddy bear
 They didn't have a step behind this, so yes, that's me lifting him up
 The burger place we went to for a snack was having it's opening weekend - really good burgers (I just had a taste of Jonathan's - I wasn't hungry after having a Jamaican patty a little earlier on)
 This was so cool - a bike lock up area made out of old bike parts spelling out the word - Kensington

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