Thursday, November 18, 2010

If I hadn't of heard it I wouldn't have believed it and other sweet yesterday moments

Yesterday I had all 3 kids home, sick with colds.  Not a great start to the day really.  But I accomplished much.  We went and got a few groceries (I didn't mind taking my school aged son to the store while he was home sick because we really did need some cold medicine and a few other things).  And really, I know what it's like to be all stuffed up and tired and have to sit and work at a desk all day, you'd rather be home.  Anyway...there was a few moments yesterday that had me think, life is good.
One was the sense of home maker accomplishment, it was the feeling in the early afternoon that came over me knowing I'd gotten groceries in and put away, another load of laundry done, all 3 kids fed and medicine dolled out, the baby was napping upstairs and the boys were cuddled up on the futon well into their own naps.  The house was quiet and I could sip my tea and read for a little bit.
Another was the very gentle, loving way my boys were being kind to each other.  They had all their library books scattered around them, Elijah was reading and Jeremy was watching a Diego DVD.  Jeremy turned to Elijah and said, "we love watching Diego, don't we brother?", Elijah said, "yes, but not as much as we love each other".  I admit, I melted a bit and had a tear in my eye.

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