Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Jonathan and I picked a great weekend to get married, Mother's Day weekend, 2 weeks after his birthday (you should see our fireplace mantle, it is littered with cards!). Each year we alternate who plans a date for the event (one does Valentine's and the other does anniversary). This year was my year for the anniversary. #5 if anyone is counting. We made it into a day long breakfast of crepes, lunch out at Kredles in Hampton (we lived out in Hampton when we were first married) and a surprise location for the evening date. Yes, we got a sitter for this part, only my 2nd time leaving Jeremy (thanks Debbie!). Jonathan was so convinced that we were going to see Spiderman 3. We always go to the movies. Well, I got him this year. This year, we went to see Robin Mark. Oh, what a great time! It has been so long since Jonathan and I really got to worship together and I'm so glad that we did. Geoff Moore opened the show, and I really enjoyed him. A good mix of humour in with his message and music. And Robin Mark was fantastic. The funny thing about going to a Christian concert is the audience. Is it a concert? Is it a worship event? Do you sit down? Do you stand? I wanted to stand right from the beginning and it was driving me nuts, so by the third song, I leaned over and told Jonathan I was going to the back because I couldn't sit anymore. He joined me there and we had a great time singing and dancing and worshipping. What an amazing way to celebrate our marriage, keep it focussed on the One who keeps us together.

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Christian Gowan said...

yes, that is very encouraging Kristen! Keep Jessie and I in your prayers as we are seperated for a year. (by the way, Sidney is great!) and ohhh...Kredles...PRIME spot. lol...yay hampton.

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