Thursday, May 3, 2007

Kris's gardening saga take 2

Last year, I had an excitement about gardening that waned when I realised just how much garden I had to take care of. In the fall, I faced my garden, weeded and pruned back for the winter, planted bulbs and waited. Well, my bulbs are popping up into flowers (very encouraging), and I have a new gardening plan! Elijah and I planted a vegetable garden in the main patch last week...I'm just hoping one vegetable takes, anything beyond that is a bonus! I've also decided to take out 2 of the garden plots and transplant the plants to another area...just to make is more manageable for me (the previous owners of the house were lovely retired people with lots of time and no toddlers). I'm also exploring the possibilities of the greenhouse...any tips on growing tomatoes, herbs and cantalope out there? To be continued...

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