Wednesday, May 30, 2007

When did friendship get so complicated?

Today I changed my name. No, you don't have to start calling me Francine, or, Summer, or anything like that. In the online world of Facebook, I changed my name to include my maiden name. Why? I know it is a little rediculous, but I am just tired of contacting old friends that I haven't seen since before I was married and doing the whole "you knew me as..."thing. And I realise how silly the whole thing is. Were I to run into these people at a mall or a reunion of some sort we'd just see each other and have instant recognition; but, because we live in a world where we reunite online we have some explaining to do. I think most of us agree that it is fun finding old friends and catching up...I'm having a great time, but still, it's an odd phenomenon don't you think?

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Anonymous said...

I added mine to and it feels weird-like I am trying to be a more independant married women.
It made me also realize that I really don't have a lot of attachment to my maiden name... what's in a name..would a rose by any other.... you know:)


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