Thursday, July 12, 2007

I love a rainy night

Yes, I have Eddie Rabbit's old song going through my head. Saint John has experienced downpour conditions like I haven't seen since I left BC. And I love it! My maritime friends don't understand this about me, and quite frankly this is something I don't understand about Maritimers. They are wonderful people. 20 below and blowing snow doesn't phase them, but rain? Run for cover. Even light mist and kids are getting rides to school and looking at me oddly that I won't let them in the building early. Where are the rainboots? Where are the gortex jackets? Where are the umbrella's? I don't know. Most Maritimers seem not to have heard of such things. I feel sorry for these children who will have no fond memories of jumping in puddles, looking for earthworms, or taking a cup outside to see how much rainwater you can catch. Just listening to the rain pound down last night brought back fond memories of walks chasing rainbows, soccer games in the mud, and lazy Saturday afternoons with a movie, hot chocolate and popcorn. As much as I love it, I'm glad it will be sunny for Saturday because I did have a mild panic attack at the idea of having Elijah's birthday party inside...woo hoo, bring on the water balloons!

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Jilly said...

You must admit, though, that it is the opposite in B.C. People will cancel church and drive off the road in 2 cm of snow because they don't have snow tires, warm jackets, winter boots and long underwear.

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