Monday, July 2, 2007

Guilty Pleasures

So I've been a stay-at-home-mom for 4 months now. As managing 2 boys got a little easier, I have to own up to something that I would never do normally - watch daytime TV. I'm actually not a big TV watcher, movies yes, TV no. We don't subscribe to cable of any sort. Jonathan has rigged up an old am radio wire to serve as our antenna for the 3 channels we do get. As Jeremy settled into a routine, quite often he needs to be fed at noon hour...coincidentally, we need to be home for this feed so Elijah and I can have our lunch too...coincidentally, The View airs at this time. Yes, I admit it, I enjoy the first part of The View, the hen party. And I also admit, I enjoy it more now without Rosie. (and I can't believe I have an opinion about this). There's no political agenda, just women talking, the way the show used to be when I watched it back in university. I also can't believe I have an opinion about who should fill the 2 vacant spots in the fall and who should fill in for Elisabeth when she goes on mat. leave in November (the fact that I know this scares me slightly). The other daytime TV that I find myself getting sucked back into has been an on and off addiction since I was 11 and Patch and Kayla were getting married, Days of Our Lives. It is the only soap opera I have ever watched. And I haven't watched it in know what, that really doesn't matter, it took me all of 3 shows to catch up, figure out which kids had been superaged and it was pretty easy to follow. So once a week (more or less), if Elijah is napping between 2 and 3, I tune in and enjoy this brainless feast.

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Anonymous said...

Hi from Mom...
Well I too liked to watch the first part of the View. I enjoyed it when Rosie was on. I was watching the story unfold in the spring when she and Elizabeth had their ending argument and must say I am on Rosie's side. Elizabeth evaded the issues presented to her and was very rude and derisive to Rosie. I no longer watch the view because I can't bear Elizabeth now. She is like a bull in a china shop and doesn't listen well to others and only wants her views to be heard.
I thought Rosie brought a brightness to the show and she was very knowledgeable about current events. I especially concurred with her view of the war in Iraq and her stand against their president and his policies.
I no longer watch the view and if I ever do it will be when Elizabeth is no longer on the show...M

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