Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My beautiful garden... missing one daffodil and one tulip courtesy of my 2 year old son and his 6 year old friend.

I saw it

Yep, I just saw the first Brenda/Kelly fight on 90210. What a moment of television history. Our sitter just lent me the first season. What a way to relive my teenage years...did we really dress like that? You don't think you are going to be dated until you look back 15 years later. Yikes!

When did friendship get so complicated?

Today I changed my name. No, you don't have to start calling me Francine, or, Summer, or anything like that. In the online world of Facebook, I changed my name to include my maiden name. Why? I know it is a little rediculous, but I am just tired of contacting old friends that I haven't seen since before I was married and doing the whole "you knew me as..."thing. And I realise how silly the whole thing is. Were I to run into these people at a mall or a reunion of some sort we'd just see each other and have instant recognition; but, because we live in a world where we reunite online we have some explaining to do. I think most of us agree that it is fun finding old friends and catching up...I'm having a great time, but still, it's an odd phenomenon don't you think?

Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm not ready for this...

Elijah is 2. Up until now, pretty much all of his play with other kids has been at daycare, church, playgroup, or playdates with kids of my friends. Now, he's friends with the little girl who lives in the house behind us who is 6. I'm totally fine with this, except I just find it so weird that he has a friend over whose mother I don't know really well and whose mother is not over at the same time for a visit while the kids play. I wasn't expecting him to have a friendship like this until he was at least 4.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Adventures in Gardening

I'm very excited about my garden this year. Things that I've planted (not inherited from the previous owners) are starting to bloom and grow. Here's a shot of one of my daffodils that Elijah and I planted last fall, and the shoots of my shallots I planted at the end of April.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Who are you like?

When I was firstborn, my mom took one look at me and said, "There's little Neal". Elijah, no question is little Jonathan...and Jeremy? Take a look, here's me as a wee one ane Jeremy a week or so ago. What do you think?


Jonathan and I picked a great weekend to get married, Mother's Day weekend, 2 weeks after his birthday (you should see our fireplace mantle, it is littered with cards!). Each year we alternate who plans a date for the event (one does Valentine's and the other does anniversary). This year was my year for the anniversary. #5 if anyone is counting. We made it into a day long breakfast of crepes, lunch out at Kredles in Hampton (we lived out in Hampton when we were first married) and a surprise location for the evening date. Yes, we got a sitter for this part, only my 2nd time leaving Jeremy (thanks Debbie!). Jonathan was so convinced that we were going to see Spiderman 3. We always go to the movies. Well, I got him this year. This year, we went to see Robin Mark. Oh, what a great time! It has been so long since Jonathan and I really got to worship together and I'm so glad that we did. Geoff Moore opened the show, and I really enjoyed him. A good mix of humour in with his message and music. And Robin Mark was fantastic. The funny thing about going to a Christian concert is the audience. Is it a concert? Is it a worship event? Do you sit down? Do you stand? I wanted to stand right from the beginning and it was driving me nuts, so by the third song, I leaned over and told Jonathan I was going to the back because I couldn't sit anymore. He joined me there and we had a great time singing and dancing and worshipping. What an amazing way to celebrate our marriage, keep it focussed on the One who keeps us together.

Happy Mother's Day...a few days late

I awoke Sunday morning a little later than 2 year old boy came to my room, instead, just the 2 month old calling from the bassinet to be fed. As I nursed Jeremy, I heard noises from the kitchen. I knew better than to go and look. Jonathan and Elijah were cooking breakfast. A while later, Elijah bounded into my bedroom calling out " Happy Mother's Day Mom! Here you go. Happy Birthday, here's your card! I love you!" (well, my birthday is not for another 6 months, but celebrations of any sort mean birthday to Elijah). After looking at my beautiful homemade card, I was finally invited into the kitchen for breakfast...waffles on my new waffle maker. MMMM, yummy! What a great way to start the day...well, not half an hour later, Elijah was in a time out for something...Jonathan said, "well, there's your mother's day"'s all part of being a mom. When they are sweet, they are very sweet, when they aren't...

Friday, May 11, 2007

Silly Bird

The robin is now trying to get in through Jeremy's bedroom window

Sunday, May 6, 2007


So about that Robin, he does that every day now. Not just our ding room window, but yesterday he tried the bathroom window and today he added the side door window too.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Kris's gardening saga take 2

Last year, I had an excitement about gardening that waned when I realised just how much garden I had to take care of. In the fall, I faced my garden, weeded and pruned back for the winter, planted bulbs and waited. Well, my bulbs are popping up into flowers (very encouraging), and I have a new gardening plan! Elijah and I planted a vegetable garden in the main patch last week...I'm just hoping one vegetable takes, anything beyond that is a bonus! I've also decided to take out 2 of the garden plots and transplant the plants to another area...just to make is more manageable for me (the previous owners of the house were lovely retired people with lots of time and no toddlers). I'm also exploring the possibilities of the greenhouse...any tips on growing tomatoes, herbs and cantalope out there? To be continued...

It's that time!

I'm so excited I have that feeling inside that is bursting out...the sun is shining! It is spring! The buds are out on the trees, my daffs and tulips are popping up, I've planted my summer garden and I want to be outside all the time, I want to bbq, I want to take daytrips, I just love this time of year!

What was I worried about?

A few months back while I was very pregnant, I wondered a lot about the new baby. Mostly, I wondered how would I feel about the baby. I love Elijah so much and couldn't imagine life without him and worried would I feel like that about this one? As I said to Jonathan, "we don't know that one, we know this one, that one is a stranger to our family"...well, I laugh now because what everyone told me is true. You fall just as madly in love with your second as you do with your first and now I can't imagine life without him. He is just the lovliest baby boy. And he is one of the family.

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