Sunday, September 28, 2008

How to feed a child fruits and veggies without him knowing

1. Banana Pancakes
2. Pumpkin Pancakes
3. Blueberry Pancakes (I swear my pancake theme is done here)
4. Pumpkin and Applesauce Muffins
5. Carrot and Pineapple Muffins
6. Spagetti Sauce...wait on that one, discover your child is quite possibly allergic to tomatoes as he breaks out into hives
7. Raisins
8. Zippy Fruit Snacks
9. Request Sneaky Chef Cookbook for your birthday
10. Cut-up small pieces of fruit to put in yogurt
11. Plea with friends for recipe ideas, yes, zucchini is coming next
As you can tell from the above list, Jeremy is a picky eater. If it is bread he will eat it (hence the many pancake and muffin recipes). It is not that he doesn't have a good appitite. It's not that I'm not giving him enough food options. He eats well, I always put veggies out for him, we eat together as a family (I don't do separate meals unless we're eating something spicy I know they won't like)...I do all of these things, and yes, Elijah is a good eater. It's just Jeremy. I remember my brother was picky when he was little too. Give him peanut butter and he was happy, show him a banana or a tuna sandwich and he's be heading for the hills. So it's not that unusual, but yes, I'm pleading for help. Got great kid-loved sneaky veggie recipes? Please send them my way. And no, dips don't work. You should see the look on his face when I pass him a carrot stick, a slice of bell pepper or a piece of cucumber. He licks the dip off and passes the veggie back thank you very much.

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