Sunday, September 7, 2008

Reason 134 How A Second Born is Different Than The First Born

Elijah didn't watch TV until he was about 18 months. Even then it was only Baby Einstein and very little of it. Jeremy just turned 18 months and not only is he a seasoned TV watcher he already picks out his own shows to watch. This morning he came up to me holding a Bob the Builder DVD, said 'Bob' and led me to the DVD player so that I could put it on for him. Did I plan it this way? No. This is one of the drawbacks of your baby having a 4 year old brother. So Jeremy dances with the Backyardigans, knows who Dora and the Wonderpets are (he wouldn't put down a stuffed Ming-Ming at the toy store) and yesterday was his first viewing of Thomas the Train. You have never seen a boy so excited. As soon as he got got his first view of Thomas he cried out 'tain' and continued to do so through the entire video. Well off and on. Fortunately, he's not at the stage yet where he watches a show in entirety, it just catches his attention once in a while.

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