Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Little Bit of Action

Friday night, home alone (not quite true, but Elijah and Jeremy were sleeping). I was out of books to read (an uncomfortable feeling for me). Nothing interesting was on TV. My laptop is out of commission. What was I to do. I know, a movie! Wait, I can't just run out to Blockbuster, I can't just leave my 2 kids alone in the house. Shoot! So I looked through our movies. Hmm, I first picked up a triple feature I'd bought a few months before - Singles, Home Fries and Mickey Blue Eyes. Well, I'd bought it for Singles, until I watched it and realised that I had seen it so much in my late teens that it didn't have much attraction anymore. So I popped in Mickey Blue Eyes. I had a vagues reccollection of seeing it in the theatre years ago and I figured, Hugh Grant from his floppy hair years how bad could it be? Okay, pretty bad. 20 minutes in and I was bored. Jonathan called to check in from work and I was so grateful for the distraction. Yes, he confirmed, it's not a very good movie. Once we were done talking, I popped the movie back into the case and looked for something else. I found Jason Bourne. This was more like it. And as a bonus, 2 more to follow once I was done. I forgot how good these movies are. I just love action movies. I know, tradtionally I list my typical chick flicks and classics when I have to say what my favorite movies are (and yes, it's true that Gone with the Wind is my favorite), but you can't go wrong with a good action movie. I'd put the Bourne trilogy at the top of my list, right up there with Spy Game, the Ocean's movies, National Treasure (1 & 2), Indiana Jones, Batman and Star Wars. Spy Game I can watch over and over again (and have). It's so brilliant. Speaking of action movies...I saw the preview for the new Bond flick - amazing! Very much looking forward to that one. Daniel Craig has to be the best Bond yet (I know some believe that to be sacrilige, but he's really got all of it down).

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