Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I don't often do this...

I don't write about my job very often. It's one of those professional courtesy things. I don't want anything to print that could haunt me later. But sometimes the kids say or do things that are really funny. This one struck me as funny and quite harmless to write about. It was answers on a quiz to the same question. Many of the kids did get this question right, but I had to hand it to these few that didn't but were very creative in what they did put as their answer.
The question was to tell what D.C. meant. (I teach music, so D.C. refers to the music symbol meaning to go to the begining and play again). Here are a few of the more creative answers:
-the DaVinci Code
-DiCaprio (as in Leonardo?)
-my initials
-don't copy

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